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Interpret Artwoods, The
Titel Art Gallery
Zustand Vinyl NM
Land GB
Jahr 1966
Zustand Hülle VG
Artikel Nr. LK 4830


Artwoods, The - Art Gallery
Extremely rare original 1966 UK Decca mono LP album presented with 1. red labels with silver printing 2. labels has large unboxed Decca logo at 'Long Playing 33 1/3' circle to the right, 'ffrr ears' logo to the top left and 'Long Playing' & 'full frequency range recording' above centre hole 3. copyright and publishing info is to the far left of centre hole, matrix info and catalogue number to the far right. 4. labels has the deep groove 1,5 cm from label perimeter which Decca labels had up through 1968. 5. machine stamped matrix info is: Side 1: XARL-7481-1A 2: XARL-74812-1A.
Singer Arthur Wood, from whom the band took their name, was the eldest brother of Ronnie Wood who later found fame with The Faces and The Rolling Stones.

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