My Harry 


My partner is walking beside me and suddenly he falls away- he`s no longer there.
His existence has stopped on the physical plane, I am never going to meet him again.

I think music created and connected us, making us inseperable.
That was one of the strongest energies of our relationship.

I feel his gift and the way he lived in 53 years, left so much,
that I can feel his presence and it`s all positive.

I don´t feel like I´ve lost Harry, I just miss him tremendously!

No one to swap music and books with, no one to get
enthusiastic about, no more wit and intelligence to enjoy,


Treasure Trove for Rock Music Fans:

John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, Clash, Joy Division,

Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Slits, Troggs, Yardbirds, Strawbs,

Moby Grape, Country Joe and the Fish amongst many others.

Furthermore different Singer and Songwriters

on Vinyl record, CD and/or DVD

In 40 years of passionate gathering I collected a tremendous amount of good old vinyl records.
My passion for music is unwaning but some records are now only unused on the shelf, others are duplicated and unfortunately my apartment can't adapt to the size of the collection. Therefore I've decided with a heavy heart to break away from some parts of my collection.
The Vinyl records treasure my memories and emotions. I've never managed to go past a record store without digging through the last corner of the shop.
No matter if new goods, whether rarity or classic - everything interests me!
I was greatly influenced by John Peel, who was called by the 'Zeit' the 'godfather of the Pop-Underground'. John Peel had an aversion against medium-mass and mainstream. His broadcasts were aired over the BBC for decades all over the world and made him a memorable institution of the Pop-history.
I heard him for the first time in 1967 when he presented 'The Perfumed Garden' and thenceforward over the decades I hardly missed one of his broadcasts. Maybe without him I would have never heard of The Clash,Patti Smith, the White Stripes, Björk or PJ Harvey. 
. I visited record markets and car boot sales, combed through the Oldie-market, participated in auctions and also were on the lookout during my travels through England, America and Australia to expand my collection as well as to complete it, if this is even possible.
I must admit that my passion for collecting records and music dominated at times my whole ability to reason. - But I believe that a passion for collecting is anchored in the deepest feeling of each human being. Perhaps you know the story 'The invisible collection', written by Stefan Zweig: It states, collectors are happy people - and I can only confirm that. I for one am always really happy when I get black fingers whilst looking through the record piles.
This searching and then the discovery of a new record - this for me is a wonderful and almost romantic feeling: the old smell of the record cases, the gleaming black of the discs, the beautiful big covers, the weight of the vinyl. As much as it annoyed me during every move from apartment to apartment, all this made the music and the records more 'weighty' then today's glittering discs, which give the impression that they could be blown away with any wind puff.
An online-shop cannot quite convey this experience as all tangible and intangible things are missing. But the feeling of poking around and discovering something new, something what you have been looking for some time or something that makes you curious - I hope you can experience this feeling in my online-record shop. And then these records would continue to live on in a wonderful way instead of buried on the shelf.
I also put singles, videos and modern discs on the web (CDs and DVDs - single and in box sets). You will find this all under "Advanced Search". So it is worthwhile to stop by now and again!

I'm looking forward to your visit!